Our Team

Windson Honorato


“The challenges we encounter daily have become like music to us. So I enjoy teaching my team to dance to the beat regularly. I have a passion for service, and I thoroughly enjoy serving my team and teaching them to serve others well.”

As President, Windson Honorato oversees all of the company's operations and strategic plannings. He also works directly with clients, maintaining a relationship to address client concerns and provide solutions to meet their needs.

Jose Honorato

Site Manager

"I'm thrilled to be a part of Honorato Company, working alongside my son, Windson. The company's ongoing growth is incredibly exciting, and I'm fully committed to contributing to its continued success."

Jose Honorato, father of Windson Honorato and founder of Jc General Contracting also known today as the Honorato Company, supervises and coordinates on-site construction activities, ensuring safety and quality, managing resources, and communicating with the client to ensure a successful project execution.

Mustafa Sidiqi

Project Manager

“It’s Refreshing to be surrounded by like minded people who are driven towards achieving common goals. The office space is a very supportive, collaborative and motivating environment, which allows me to navigate challenges and celebrate successes together. I feel fortunate to be part of such a dynamic team that values growth, innovation, and mutual support.”

Mustafa is responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing construction projects from start to finish. He is also responsible for ensuring quality and safety, and communicating with clients and stakeholders to meet project goals and objectives.

Dalila Honorato

Senior Financial Systems Analyst

"As Windson Honorato's wife, I'm proud to bear the company's name and be a part of its legacy. We strive to give our best in everything we do and are dedicated to satisfying our clients' needs."

As the Executive Officer, Dalila is responsible for various administrative tasks to keep the company running smoothly.

Jordana Do Prado

Financial Officer

“Firstly, the teamwork at Honorato Company is amazing. I see my colleagues as a close and supportive family, not just co-workers. We work together well, and it makes work fun.

I also like how honest the Honorato Company is about everything we do. We trust them because they're open about what's happening, and they make decisions that are good for all of us. In short, my time here has been really great. I've grown, made great friends, and together, we're doing important work.”

Jordana plays a crucial role in managing the financial aspects of our organization. She oversees our financial planning, reporting, risk management, capital allocation, compliance, analysis, and decision-making to ensure financial stability and support strategic goals.