Windson Honorato is the President and CEO of Honorato Company. At a very young age, he started following his father, Jose Honorato, along project sites. Windson grew up hearing people praise his father for his virtuosity, and grew up wanting to be like him. When Windson was 18, he received a full CSL or GC (General Contractor) License – and at this point, everything started to change and unfold for our CEO.

He knew that earning his General Contractor License was the next step in advancing his career. He started working for his father, managing project sites, coordinating various projects, and acquiring new enthusiastic clients. Because of Windson's impressive success at a young age, his father resigned later that year and named Windson president of JC General Contracting. Now, he is the responsible for initiating projects, organizing teams, and ensuring good growth and development within the company. Jose still works as one of our Construction Managers today, and he would say that while Windson was trying to become someone like him, he was just trying to make himself better than he ever was.


by Windson Honorato

"Much of who I am today is all thanks to my father, Jose Honorato. His humility & spirit of servitude has rubbed off on me, and as a company we aim to transfer these qualities to our vendors and partners. We will only grow to the level in which we are capable of serving."

Before I became owner of JC General Contracting & Cleaning Inc. the company was actually named WWH Construction. My father, Jose, had named the company after his sons Windson & Willian Honorato. In 2015, JC General Contracting and Cleaning Inc. was born - it was my first change as the new company owner. I deliberately chose this name to honor my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a firm believer that God is in the details, I sought to glorify Him through every aspect of our company. Hence, it became known as "Jesus Christ General Contracting and Cleaning Inc."

Faith and Family hold the utmost importance to us, the Honoratos. This profound understanding was instilled in me by my father. When I bring glory to God, my first step is seeking His blessings upon our endeavors. Over the years, we have embraced larger and more challenging projects, growing into a reputable general contracting firm within our area. 

As I grew & progressed, I realized there were superior products and services we could offer our customers in the realm of Construction Management. With this realization, we embarked on a mission to enhance our company. I recall one of my football coaches advising us to strive for perfection and fall into greatness. That's precisely what we've done at JCG. We restructured, expanded our knowledge, increased our network, and discovered many new things through the process. 

Today, The Honorato Company represents our legacy. My father passed down his name to me, and it is my honor to carry it forward. Honorato, at its root, signifies someone worthy of honor & respect, noble in nature. By upholding this name, I not only glorify our Lord and Savior but also pay tribute to my father and honor my entire family. Our aim is to create something that transcends generations—a family-owned enterprise built upon respect and excellence that will endure the test of time.

So that's who we are—The Honorato Company. As dedicated construction managers and general contractors, we are committed to open communication and strive to construct just about anything with precision and skill.


"To be an exponentially growing, self-sustaining, people building firm - unifying those around us in order to manage and develop as our second nature."


"To be capable of planning and developing any building or any project of any size Nationwide through fluid communication, unshakable trust, and solid understanding."